Steinbech is a soveign nation well known for its military and political influence over its geographic neighbors.

Blutbefleckt WarEdit

The Blutbefleckt War was a military conflict involving Steinbech that ended some time around 11 BSZ.

It was during this war that Hemmel Von Schultheiss became a well known war hero and cultural icon in Steinbech. His volant abilities are said to have helped Steinbech win the war.

The Sangre Treaty, signed after the conclusion of the war, required that Zamora disband its military and manage any future civil unrest through a newly established law enforcement organization, the Zamoran Security Force.

Zamoran RelationsEdit

Since the Blutbefleckt War, relations between Steinbech and its only neighboring country, Zamora, have been uneasy. Many Zamorans blame Steinbech and its advanced military technology for the deaths of many people and the destruction of their communities. A long-standing and widely held belief in Zamora is that such technology is immoral and an abomination to humanity. This is clearly not an official position of the nation, as some individuals and even the Zamoran Security Force openly carry and utilize relatively advanced firearms.

At some point in the past, potentially even before the Blutbefleckt War, Steinbech constructed a wall along the Zamoran border. Travel by Zamoran civilians between the two nations is heavily restricted, but can be permitted after an extensive screening process conducted by Steinbech border officials. If a Zamoran passes the screening, they may be issued a Right to Movement Note which grants free passage at Steiner checkpoints.