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Zeppelin is not falling. She can fly.

Zepplein Von Schultheiss was born in 20 BSZ in the sovereign nation of Steinbech. She is the only known heir of the Steiner war hero, Hemmel Von Schultheiss. Zeppelin, like her father, is a volant, possessing the supernatural ability to fly.


Early life.Edit

Zeppelin was born in 20 BSZ to Hemmel and Abigail Von Schultheiss in Steinbech. During and after the Blutbefleckt War, Zeppelin became surrounded with public and media attention as the daughter of the "Famous Von Schultheiss" who played a significant role in winning the war for Steinbech. Still only a child, her accomplishments and personal milestones were frequently overlooked.

Military Enlistment.Edit

Feeling resentment for her father and the need to prove herself, Zeppelin enlisted with the Steinbech Military in 1 BSZ on her 19th birthday.